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oneStopShop-350x220FOR ALL OF YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS. National Circuit Breaker provides you ready access to virtually any low- or medium-voltage electrical power apparatus ranging from a single replacement part to a complete substation. Our vast inventory includes new, surplus and reconditioned circuit breakers, switchgear, transformers, motor control, load break switches, protective relays, replacement parts, and much more. You have 24/7 access to our vast inventory for all of your electrical requirements. We will work as hard for you for a simple rating plug as we would for a double ended substation. Give us a shot to earn your business through our quality and on time service with the best customer service in the business. Just give us a call we want to help.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

(MCCB) are the most common type Of low-voltage circuit protective Devices. NCB has the country’s most comprehensive inventory of new, unused surplus and reconditioned MCCBs for immediate shipment.

Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

These breakers can be customized with Programmers and accessories and are field serviceable. These breakers are found in industrial facilities where the breaker is expected to withstand more demanding service. NCB carries this product in new, unused surplus, and reconditioned.

Air Circuit Breakers

Air breakers are heavier than insulated case breakers and offer the greatest modularity with more of the internal parts and subassemblies externally accessible. These are designed for long service life. NCB carries these breakers dating back to the 1940s. NCB carries used, unused surplus, and reconditioned.

Molded Case Circuit Breaker Mounting Kits

NCB carries vintage hard to find hardware kits dating back to the 1970s for most breakers panels and manufactures. We have these kits in stock ready for immediate shipment.

Medium Voltage Air Breakers

These breakers can be found in large industrial installations built before 1980. NCB stocks most vintages and manufactures dating back to the 1950s. NCB also offers life extension retrofit for your existing breakers.

Medium Voltage Vacuum Breakers

Vacuum breakers have been available since the 1980s and will be the standard for years to come. NCB carries a wide variety of these breakers from every manufacture.

Medium Voltage Fuses

These fuses have ratings from .3 to 1100 amps and are used to protect against short circuit under extremely high currents, a well as circuit and motor overload. NCB carriers fuses for switches, breakers and motor starters.

Low Voltage Fuses

Have ratings from .3 to 5000 amps and are used to Protect against short circuit under extremely high Currents, as well as circuit and motor overload. We have most ratings and manufactures in stock.

Safety Switches

Safety switches as well as Bus Duct Switches (bus plugs) are generally used as safety disconnect located very close to the equipment they are protecting. they allow for high interrupting capacities and quick manual shut down of the equipment, as well as a line of sight power shutdown during maintenance. NCB has the switch you need in stock.

Panel Mount Switches

These switches are generally used in low voltage switchboards as an alternative to circuit breakers but with the proper fusing offer a much higher interrupting ratings. NCB has in stock virtually every manufacture switches from the current prduct to vintage dating back to the 1950s.

Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches

These devices are manually selecting between two sources of power. NCB carriers a very large stock of new, unused surplus, and new units to fit your needs.

Medium Voltage Load Interrupter Switches

Load interrupters are primarily used as a main to a medium voltage distribution lineup or as a primary disconnect to a medium voltage transformer. NCB carries switches from 5KV-38KV, 200-2000 amp. We have these units in stock new and reconditioned for immediate shipment.

Medium Voltage Pad Mount Switches

These switches incorporate tamper resistant enclosures that offer front access, front/back access, or front back side access to cable connections and operating apparatus.

Instrument Transformer

These transformers are used for measuring voltage or current in electrical power systems and for power system protection and control when a supply voltage or current is too large to be used by an instrument.

General Purpose Dry Type Distribution Transformers

Are among the most common transformers and are typically Air-cooled units of single phase or three phase that transform 480V To 240V, 208V or 120V. We stock new, unused surplus and reconditioned Up to 10 MVA. We also Manufacture new copper wound transformers to 10 MVA.

Oil Filled Transformers

These transformers uses highly refined mineral oil (silicone, canola, R-Temp and other high flash dielectric Fluids) as the coolant to protect the windings and can be found in many outdoor utility and industrial service locations. We stock new, unused surplus and reconditioned for immediate shipment. NCB also manufacture new Oil Filled units to 10 MVA.

Cast Coil Transformers

These transformers differ from most transformers in that They are manufactured with both primary and secondary Windings vacuum cast with a solid resin dielectric. We currently Have many cast coils transformers in stock.

Pad Mount Compartmental Transformers

Pad Mounts are designed to be tamper proof for high public traffic area installations with primary and secondary connections on the same side of the transformer in separate chambers behind locked doors. NCB stocks new, unused surplus and reconditioned units in stock.

Sub Station Transformers

Are designed for the use in industrial plants, electric power generating stations, and commercial buildings. If we don’t have it in stock we can build new to 10 MVA to suite. We offer very fast turnaround times.

Load Centers

Load Centers (I,e., breaker box, fuse box) take electricity supplied from the utility and distribute it throughout the facility to feed lights and receptacles. We have these too, just give us a call.


Panelboards are a component of an electrical system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each in a common enclosure. NCB carries a wide inventory of panel boards from major manufactures.


Switchboards are large panel, frame, or assembly of panels on which switches, circuit breakers, protective devices, and buses are mounted.They function as power distribution centers. If we don’t have it in stock we can build to your spec.

Medium Voltage Switch Lineup (Switchgear)

This is a broad term that covers electrical distribution systems Made up of metal-clad or metal-enclosure cabinets containing Switches with incoming voltages between 2.4KV-38KV and 200-2000amp NCB can supply new unused surplus, or reconditioned. We also can Build to match your specifications.

Medium Voltage Breaker Lineup

This is a term generally used to describe the same thing asa switchgear lineup except that the main circuit protective componets utilized are circuit breakers rather than switches. Again we have what you’re looking for or can build to match a spec.

Industrial Grade Motors

Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. NCB sells and services many types of motors including, squirrel cage, inductive, wound rotor, synchronous, DC, eddy current, gear, generator/alternator, variable speed, horizontal, vertical, and high-efficiency motors. call NCB for all of your Motor requirements.

Electro-Magnetic Starters

These devices are electromagnetically operated set of Contacts that starts and stops the connect motor load. NCB stocks most low and medium voltage manufactures Starters and contactors in both NEMA and IEC types.

Motor Control Centers

These are modular structures designed to group several motor starters into one assembly, allowing for one poer source to power and control many motors in a factory. We stock current Motor Control and vintages dating back to the 1950s.We also offer life extension solutions to your Motor control systems.

Rental Services

With our vast inventory we can bridge the gap from electrical problems to electrical solutions by eliminating down times. Call us for all of your electrical needs.

Retrofit and Retrofill Services

NCB offers retrofit and retrofill services. Retrofitting refers to process of updating older equipment with new technology. Retrofitting refers to replacing old components with current-state-of-the-art components such as new components into motor control center buckets.

Repair Services

NCB has the equipment and expertise to properly test Equipment that has either failed or is not operating As expected. We can test and repair, motors, circuit breakers, Motor control, transformers, switches, and circuit breakers all types And sizes. When you find yourself without power, give us a call we want to help.

24/7 Emergency Sales and Services

When disaster strikes or equipment fails, give us a call We can respond nationwide right now.