Protective Relays

Electronic Trip Device Repair or Exchange.

We Service/Repair, Replace and Test Electronic Trip Devices for the following:

  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Insulated Case Circuit Breakers
  • Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
  • Medium Voltage Air Circuit Breakers


  • We offer emergency repair or replacement services for your Electronic Trip Devices
  • Repair Solid State Trip Units for circuit breakers
  • Repair Multifunction Relays
  • Repair Secondary Test Sets
  • Repair Power Supplies
  • Repair Ground Fault Relays
  • Reproduce Printed Circuit Boards
  • Sale of Reconditioned Circuit Breaker Trip Units, Relays & Test Sets
  • Sale of Surplus Trip Units, Relays & Test Sets
  • Sale of Trip Unit Rating Plugs

protective-relays-sub2-ProtectiveRelaysWe offer 24/7 emergency repair or replacement services for your Protective Relays.
We stock thousands of protective relays and repair parts for protective relays... from simple overcurrent induction disk types to complex relays for utility transmission and distribution systems.

General Electric, Westinghouse, ABB, Basler, Schweitzer-SEL, GE MultiLin, etc - we can meet all your protective relay requirements.

Renewal parts for older relays is our specialty... let us know what you need.


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