Pad Mount Compartmental

Tamper resistant tank design with compartments assembled as integral units for flush mounting on a flat, rigid surface (generally on a concrete pad). The entire unit may be rolled, skidded, jacked, or hoisted by its lifting hooks into place. The Pad-Compartment design is used to step down high voltage from distribution power supplies via underground cables. The cables can be economically connected to the bushings or to factory-installed auxiliary equipment with minimal labor. For safety purposes, the high voltage compartmental door on the left can only be opened after the low voltage door on the right has been opened. The door has a pad-lockable handle to its 3-point latch. The compartments are separated by a metal barrier, to further ensure safety.

Optional Features:

  • Radial or Loop Feed. Live or Dead Front
  • Load break switch 15 KV, 200A, on-off
  • Load break switch 15 KV, 200A, 4 position (loop feed system)
  • Lightning arresters: Live or Dead Front
  • Bayonet Expulsion Fusing
  • Bayonet with ELSP Current-Limiting Backup Fuse
  • Dry well canister with Current-Limiting Fuse
  • McGraw Edison NX Current-Limiting with ARC-Strangler Loadbreak Device
  • De-energized Dual Voltage Switch
  • Liquid Level Gage
  • Dial type Thermometer
  • Pressure Vacuum Gage
  • Drain Valve with Sampling Device
  • Pressure Relief Valve or Device
  • One piece HV Integral Bushings
  • HV Bushing Insert, Single or Feed thru Secondary LV Circuit Breaker or Panel Board
  • Watt per Hour Meter System
  • Special Low Sound Level
  • Improved Higher than Standard BIL
  • Pentahead Bolt Latching System
  • Mechanical Interlock Switch-Fuses
  • Special “Retrofit-Features”


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