Dry Type

NCB Dry Type Transformers have excellent High Temperature qualities with UL approved 220 °C rated Insulation System.

Magnetic Cores: Cores are fabricated from: Precision-Cut, Burr-Free, Grain Oriented, High Electrical Grade Silicon Steel. These cores are designed for Low Losses and to reduce the users operating cost.

Coils: Precision-Hand Made, Barrel Wound Coils are built with the most advanced Coil Winding Equipment using only Copper Magnet Wire as our conductor, with layered Insulation, and Cooling Spacers improved performance.

Dip & Bake: Each Dry Type Transformer consists of one or two cycles of Varnish Impregnation and baking stages which assures a reliable, long service life, for greater Electrical Strength.

Optional Designs: Higher than NEMA Standards BIL Ratings.
Special Impedances. Padmounted Construction with:

  • Lower than Nema Standards Sound Level
  • LV Molded Case C. Breaker, or Panelboard
  • Watt Hour Meter System
  • Totally Enclosed, Non-Ventilated

Special Operating Frequency: 50, 400 HZ, etc.
Temperature Rise at 80 °C, 115 °C, etc.
Electrostatic Shield.
Forced Air Cooling, for 33% Extra KVA.
Lightning Arresters.
Retrofit Enclosure / Special Terminal Location.
Throats / Flanges / Air Terminal Chambers.

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